Come experience the courage of Esther

as she was willing to sacrifice her life

which saved the Jewish people.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created 

for such a time as this?" - Mordecai, Book of Esther, 4:14.


This song was inspired by the true-to-life events

which saved the precious remnant of the Jewish people

from which our salvation comes through.


Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ said,

"...for salvation comes

through the Jews."

- John 4:22. Amen!

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Welcome! I'm JoAnn Mears... 

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In the spring of 2019, I became a Born Again Christian & decided to dedicate my career to spread the Christian message of Love, Grace, Peace & Joy to others. I hope to use my vast God-given knowledge of story-telling and talents to help bring our Messiah's message to the world.

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