A Josephine Complex:

a poetry anthology

A Josephine Complex, poetry, anthology, great reads, great books, poetry books, based on a true story

From the depths of a woman’s heart, to the highest divinity of her soul comes the softest petals of life’s innocence to the cruelest sharp thorns of its fall.

Embark on an intoxicating journey through the tender eyes of a budding girl into the transformation

of an empowered woman.


Did you think poetry was dead?

Well then, welcome to its resurrection!


JoAnn A. Mears welcomes you to explore ten years of her life through moving away from home at the tender age of nineteen, falling in love, recovering from a broken heart, finding the strength to begin again, having two near death experiences, garnering strength from her hardships, empowerment from the divine & finding love, passion & self-purpose all over again.

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