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Crazy Does It

Crazy is a word we use a lot these days. But how do you define it? Have you ever believed in something you couldn't see? Or had a premonition of something before it happens? No film has ever explored "crazy" like this riveting drama of Dr. Olivia Owens' descent into madness after she is forced to take staff at a Mental Institution where true sanity has died with no hope of return. Delve into the psyche of a newly widowed psychiatrist who must deal with a group of patients whom society has thrown in the gutter. As Olivia questions her own sanity, she finds herself enraptured with a genius and highly advanced sociopath who loves to break the rules. Can Olivia swim in the tumultuous subconscious of her patients with her new lover and keep her sanity intact? You'll just have to read "Crazy Does It" to find out.

Crazy Does It is a dramatic, character driven script with award winning potential. It’s geared toward the artistic, indie audience with an emphasis on intellectual and emotional stimuli for the mature movie goer.  

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