Mansion in My Mind

For just $1 (one dollar), 100% of this dollar will be personally delivered

to Bruno Serato, the Founder of Caterina's Club from JoAnn Mears herself.

As a special thank you, you can download

the free High Quality Wav. File, the Album Single of "Mansion in my Mind" 

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You can make a real difference & receive a special song to remind you how lucky you are

to have a roof over your head & three square meals a day.

Thank you so much for your donation.

Can you imagine not having enough food for dinner?

Can you imagine not having a home to call your own? 

Announcing the new Music Video for "Mansion in my Mind" for Caterina's Club in conjunction with the famous restaurant the Anaheim White House in California

to help feed children who live in motels and help struggling families get back on their feet.

Restaurant owner Bruno Serato, nominated for CNN Hero of the year, 

was touched by JoAnn's song and was thrilled to have her support

to raise awareness for this great cause.

read JoAnn Mears' blog "Child Hunger isn't a Party issue, it's a Human One"

I was shocked when I first learned that child hunger as reached such high numbers. The owner of The Anaheim Whitehouse, our friend, Bruno Serato, first opened my eyes on the subject. He told us that after he had visited The Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim and saw the children being fed chips as their last meal of the day, his concern deepened greatly and he had to do something for them. He then begun bringing meals to the Club every day to make sure these children would have a proper nutritious dinner. He would prepare wholesome meals out of his five star reviewed restaurant to make sure they at least got one good meal a day. He then learned that a lot of the children were living in motels. That their parents had suffered hardships and were no longer able to live in their own homes. 


It was when I was listening to his story over dinner that I felt compelled to help him as well. Bruno Serato, who was also nominated for CNN Hero of the Year, had loving named his charity, Caterina's Club, after his mother that he loves so dear. 


After having one of the most amazing meals of my life at his glorious restaurant, lightning struck my muse, and a song began to surge to the forefront of my mind. Even though I was raised with limited means, I always had a nutritious meal for dinner and a roof over my head to call my own. I couldn't imagine just how hard it must be for these children every day. And thus, the song was born, "Mansion in My Mind" was to be included on my 2012 album, Armor of Steel. This album delves into the many protective emotional armors we wear to protect ourselves from being harmed. As my praise for Bruno Serato grew, as well as my heart reaching out to these children who have to do without so much, the song began to take shape. I realized I was so inspired by his heroism, that he was providing the armor for these children to succeed in life and give families a chance. It was then it came to fruition, that all of us may have a "mansion" in our minds, our dream house and dream life, however all these children just want to go to sleep without hunger and have a bed to call their own. Bruno has provided a "Mansion" in their minds. The Anaheim Whitehouse has been their saving grace. And the hero, Bruno Serato has opened up his mansion to all of them. 


Bruno and his assistant were so gracious in receiving a song written for their dear Caterina's Club. This had definitely been a first for them! It was after this that I wanted to create a music video for the song, to help spread awareness of child hunger. That they do not only exist in Anaheim, California, but throughout our entire country. Child hunger is in our backyard, and shouldn't be ignored. There is so much we can do. For as little as $1, it can give children a dinner in which they wouldn't have had.


I hope you all enjoy the inspirational new music video and are inspired to help. Thank you for your attention and time. A hungry child thanks you as well.

To the left, JoAnn Mears & Bruno Serato, Owner of the Anaheim Whitehouse

& Caterina's club.

Above, the official logo starring

Bruno Serato's Mother,

lovingly named Caterina after her.

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