JoAnn Mears started writing screenplays from an early age in high-school, having completed 12 treatments for new scripts under her belt by 17. She started studying under her first mentor, Richard Krevolin from the University of Southern California and the Author of "Screenwriting for the Soul". After high-school she was accepted by Michael Hauge, the highly sought after

Script Consultant and Author of "Writing Screenplays that Sell".

Finally, she was taken under the wing of Christopher Vogler, whose famous memo while he worked at Disney, changed the way their movies were made.

JoAnn considers her personal mentors her Private College

and was happy to have been taught by writers

who actually work in the business and have elevated the art of Screenwriting to new heights.


"Screenwriting was always my first passion in writing. I love films and can't live without them.

It's always been my dream to make it down that red carpet one day. And I will get there.

Don't believe me? Just watch," she winks with a smirk.

The Huntress (Intro) - JoAnn Mears
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