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"Creating Incredible Characters"

Download the free booklet & follow along!

"Create Amazing Structure"

Join us in the fool proof lesson of this proven formula & read along here.

"Create Strong Heroines & Become Stronger Yourself"

Everyone loves an ending with a strong hero to save the day! It's easy as 1, 2, 3!

"Create Great Scenes, Scenery & Symbolism"

Learn how to construct scenes that will

leave your reader breathless!

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If you are interested in having JoAnn Mears's School of Storytelling teach at your School,

Learning Center or Non-for-Profit Group currently in the Oklahoma City area,

please go to How to Keep in Touch here and Send a Message regarding your interest.

Currently, S.O.S. Curriculum is at a High-School level but can be adjusted for all ages. Thank you.

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